6th Grade to 8th Grade
Christ Little Rock School offers:

1:1 ratio of iPads & chrome books
Chapel led by 6th -8th grade students

Our rigorous junior high facilitates future successes – in high school, college, and beyond.  With high academic standards, students are challenged with engaging classroom work and projects. Our graduates are accepted into honors programs in local high schools.  Besides academics, our sixth, seventh and eighth graders have opportunities to lead chapel worship, learn real-world technology skills and mentor our younger students. CLRS graduates consistently perform at a high level in high school, as noticed by Catholic High School teachers and administration, Central High School teachers and administration, and other Little Rock high schools as well.

Qualified instructors teach all core subjects, including religion, language arts, math, social studies, and science.
Additional classes such as Spanish, PE, art, technology and music are a part of the curriculum.